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Saving a billion people can’t be done alone; it requires a community that spans countries and continents. Join us in this global initiative.

Donated: $2,030

Why we raise funds for Charity: Water

100% of all donations to charity:water go into the field to help bring clean water to families around the world
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Introducing the Clean Water Coin initiative

Water is the single most important necessity of life. For some of us, access to clean drinking water is as easy as turning on your faucet. But for nearly 1 BILLION people, clean water just isn’t available. In most cases, men, women, and children have one single source of water that is so polluted and contaminated it has become a poison. As a result, more than 4,000 people die EVERY DAY! 9/10 of deaths that are a result of unsafe and contaminated water are children under the age of 5. It’s difficult to fully comprehend that kind of devastation. But focusing on stats and merely discussing the issues won’t help, it’s time to actively participate.

The Clean Water Coin Initiative is the first ever coin designed and developed to be a nonprofit organization. What does that mean? We are a registered Nonprofit Organization and we’ve created a Crypto Charity and coin that lets a community actively participate in helping provide clean water. To do that we've teamed up with CharityWater.org so that we can create campaigns and raise funds for clean water projects. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be donated to this charity. The benefit of donating cryptocurrency is privacy, and you can also save on capital gains taxes. But if you are not a digital currency user, you can utilize the Bit Index AI trading platform to regulate the buying and selling of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Visit https://kryptoszene.de/bitcoin-robot/bit-index-ai/ to learn more about the site. Also, the community can easily track exactly how we are doing by visiting our campaign page.

Clean Water Coin details

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Give to Charity + Save Lives by Mining + Using Clean water coin

We’ve built a unique function into the coin network so that everyone who mines or even uses Clean Water Coin will be helping save lives around the world. Every transaction will donate 0.1% of that transaction to the Charity Wallet, here’s an example: I’ve mined 1,000 Clean Water Coins and I request a manual payout from my pool. As a result of this transaction 1 coin will be donated to the Charity Wallet and the remaining 999 is sent to my wallet.

The Charity Wallet

All donations will go to the Charity Wallet and from there will go to CharityWater.org. To prevent flooding our own market with donated coins we will set a recurring schedule to exchange to BTC, this will help to prevent large sums building up over extended periods of time and exchanging all at once. We will also offer the community the ability to purchase Clean Water Coins from the Charity Wallet. Pricing will be established from a market average and the amount of coins available will depend on total donations to the Charity Wallet. More details regarding this feature are soon to come!

Why Water?

Learn about the 1 billion people without clean water

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Adding value to Clean Water Coin

We recognize that there are many factors that go into the valuation of a coin. Some of those things we can attempt to control and affect, but others rely on the community, exchanges, and the industry. So rather than only relying on trading and exchanges to dictate pricing, we’ve gone to great lengths to add value to holding and using Clean Water Coin.

Buy ad space with CWC

We’ve beautifully integrated an advertising section here, on CWC wallets, our official pools, and our official faucet. We’ve also developed code that can be imbedded into pools and community sites that will give more people an opportunity to participate and be charitable without having to donate money or coins. Don’t worry, we will have a strict policy for appropriate content and types of advertisements--we don’t want this to become a burden for the community, it’s intended to be a benefit.

Exchange BTC for water

Another way we intend to add value is to offer an official source to purchase Clean Water Coins for BTC rather than having exchanges as the only source. All the coins that we will sell will come from the Charity Wallet and the BTC will be donated to our Charity:Water Digital Drop Project. Offering this service will be valuable to the community because it allows us to convert the Charity Wallet into BTC without going to an exchange and will help us to donate the maximum amount to CharityWater.org.

Business partnerships

Saving a billion people can’t be done alone, it requires a community that spans countries and continents. Join us in this global initiative by sponsoring Clean Water Coin. Your additional help can prevent more deaths and save more families from losing loved ones. Contact us to find out how you can become a Clean Water Coin sponsor and get water to those who are waiting for your help.

Meet our first sponsor: Slide Belts

Future development

We also have a roadmap of features and services that we are working on and will be able to offer in the future. We can’t reveal everything incase one of those features falls through--we don’t want to promise more than we can deliver and let down the community. However, here is a sneak peak of two features in development:

  • WATER Rally - Use your Clean Water Coins to purchase tickets to attend events to help raise awareness and further our cause. We are currently planning out events now.
  • Write-off WATER Donations - Once we obtain our official 501(c)3 status donating WATER to the Clean Water Coin Initiative will be tax deductible! Achieving this goal is already underway but it is a difficult and long process. There will be some restrictions but as we get closer to our goal we will share the full details with you. In addition to our initiatives for clean water, we also want to introduce you to the thrilling possibilities of crypto gambling. If you're interested in exploring this avenue, we recommend checking out the latest Econotimes article on crypto betting sites.

How to get Clean Water Coins

To learn more about our pools + for more information about how to get Clean Water Coins click here to read our ann post

Mine at pools

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Community Pools

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Clean water faucet

Ready to help? Join our Crypto Charity Community. The fastest and easiest way for you to start is to visit our Clean Water Coin Faucet where you can get coins for FREE. All you need is a wallet.

Get free water

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Exchange BTC for water

Get your Clean Water Coins straight from the source. Here, you can exchange Bitcoin for WATER collected by the Charity Wallet. ALL the BTC from our exchange goes to fund our CharityWater.org projects.

BTC to water exchange

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